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Talking about green approach

We are actually working on new green lines of products, certified Cosmos Organic & Natural and Natrue. Under the aegis of environmental sustainability, the company has undertaken various actions: selection of eco-sustainable raw materials, reduction ofCO2emissions and energy consumption, as well as of waste production; incessant monitoring of process water according to the Single Environmental Authorization. CEO Daniela Maffoni

Women's Day: Euro Cosmetic joins the ESA Onlus project

For an ACTIVE HEALTH Euro Cosmetic gives away all women collaborators and employees the ESA Onlus card. The aim is to sensitize and educate oncologically young women to self-care and early diagnosis of breast cancer. The card allows you to reduce the cost of services and take advantage of them in a short time at the affiliated structures: Spedali Civili di Brescia, Poliambulanza and Sant’Anna.

Coronavirus prevention: HAND SANITIZING GEL

Over 1 million pieces requested by the market this week. We are in a moment of sanitary emergency. Our customers, important players in the cosmetic market, contacted us as this hand-sanitizing product out of stock in a short time. We have therefore activated a problem solving procedure, with an intense work of acquisition of raw materials, ad hoc production of packaging and a great deal of analysis and control in order to guarantee a finished product in complete safety. We are used to managing our customers' orders quickly, but this has definitely been a very demanding challenge.

Hygiene and Beauty trade press. Publication January 2020, Marca Fair.

Huge investments in Research and Development, highly advanced production systems and great attention to the orientation of the market make the company a perfect commercial partner. Value-based strategies. Euro Cosmetic has made a name for itself over the years as one of the leaders in cosmetic production as a partner in the development of products and business. Its mission is to support cosmetic companies in their strategic project, through the production of quality products in line with the consumer trends. Sustainability and social responsibility CEO Daniela Maffoni: “By my education and personal attitude, I believe it is correct to go beyond the borders outlined by numbers. The macro area of responsibility outside the company which I define “social awareness” is made concrete with various activities that we sponsor”.

Euro Cosmetic wishes to you and your loved ones Happy Holidays

Also for this Christmas we chose to allocate the gift to the La Zebra Onlus association for the "Pediatric Magnetic Resonance" project, with the dedication "I give you wings to fly and a pillow to dream" We will continue the work started last year, in particular we will take care of completing the entire furniture and necessary equipment to young patients and their families.

Italian media Press: Giornale di Brescia, economy dossier

Euro Cosmetic aims at a precise drivers of growth and has devoted particular attention and considerable investments in the areas of Research and Development, plants and advanced equipment and Certifications, both product and plant, with the specific purpose of working on quality and new trends to offer to its customers. In addition to the already known UNI EN ISO 22716 and 9001, from this year we are also IFS HCP certified which leads us to raise the level of quality assurance. “Defining a company that produces cosmetics for third parties would be an understatement. In reality, our role is that of a commercial partner, as for the development and industrialization of formulas, we have a dual approach to customers: some of them already have the formulas and rely on our laboratory to test them on the machine for the phase of industrialization and, if they are to be refined, they make use of our intervention. For projects that are structured together with customers, both in terms of concept, marketing and packaging, we have a mix of skills: scientific and market orientation” CEO Daniela Maffoni

Press event, Kit Legs and Feet: Euro Cosmetic main sponsor BCF

From cleats to stilettos, wellness for legs and feet! Our profession is also our passion. Sport is synonymous with well-being. Wellness is translated into beauty. Our mission is to promote these values. Power Kit has been designed and create to preserve the beauty of the feet and legs epidermis for a long time. Recipes that use selected raw materials of plant origin, with marked nourishing, refreshing and moisturizing properties, to take care of the well-being of sporty people.

Euro Cosmetic join PLMA in Amsterdam

PLMA’s annual “World of Private Label” International Trade Show is organised by the Private Label Manufacturers Association, which represents more than 4,400 member manufacturers around the globe. With offices in New York and Amsterdam, PLMA is the largest association of its kind, devoted exclusively to the promotion of private label. For more than thirty years, PLMA’s “World of Private Label” International Trade Show has brought retailers, wholesalers and other private label professionals together with manufacturers to help them find new products, make new contacts, and discover new ideas that will help their private label programmes succeed and grow.

Euro Cosmetic Ambassador to the Senate of the Republic for economic development and enhancement of the Lombardy region

Euro Cosmetic at Palazzo Madama in Rome has been awarded as a virtuous Ambassador of the Lombardy region for the Cosmetics category - Italy Meteor Award. The ceremony was held publicly and our company was awarded with the recognition of having contributed to the enhancement of the territory with its work. Participation in the event was a very emotional moment and highlighted the image of the company conferring prestige and notoriety. A very important goal that urges us to continue to do always the best! The exclusive event named “100 Mete of Italy” took place on 6 December at Palazzo Madama in the presence of the Senate of the Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and many other representatives illustrious. Great job, great teamwork!

Euro Cosmetic in Paris. Beauty and Personal care made in Italy.

The Wabel Home, Beauty & Personal Care Summit, Europe’s leading event for private label and brands suppliers and buyers, opened its doors on October 10th, at the Hilton Hotel Paris Charles de Gaulle. HOME, BEAUTY & PERSONAL CARE BUYERS from leading international retail groups SELECTED PRIVATE LABEL & BRANDS SUPPLIERS from Europe and other regions. This article is published on the trade press magazine Igiene e Bellezza October 2018.

Euro Cosmetic and Intercultura: a scholarship for talented young people

Also this year Euro Cosmetic will contribute with a scholarship to the training experience of a student from Brescia. Arianna will fly to Spain. The association Intercultura, always dynamic and proactive in promoting education and culture, was present at the awards ceremony with its representative commission. At the Euro Cosmetic headquarters, the awards ceremony was held to promote cultural exchanges and the training of young students. Japan, South America, United States, Southeast Asia, Russia are just some of the countries of origin of the students who attended the event. The CEO Daniela Maffoni: "we renew the appointment for 2019: we strongly believe in the social role of the company".

Women's Day - Euro Cosmetic support Doppia Difesa Onlus Foundation

With our work we take care of the well-being and beauty of people. On the occasion of the Women's Day, Euro Cosmetic will support with a donation, a charitable purpose, the Doppia Difesa Onlus Foundation; the funds are used to support the consultancy and assistance activities that the Foundation carries out for women victims of violence. Because smile is the first source of wellness and beauty.

Igiene e Bellezza January 2018

Euro Cosmetic is the partner for a success

Euro Cosmetic sponsored a schoolarship aboard project

Euro Cosmetic in Trenzano sponsored the initiative for whorty students and last week was held the awards of Scholarships abroad thanks to the project promoted by Intercultura. A delegation from the association, Mrs. Daniela Maffoni – Ceo of Euro Cosmetic- and mayor of Trenzano Mr. Andrea Bianchi, awarded Ms. Patricia Lozza: at the end of July she will move to Ireland to study english language. Another student, Ms. Aischa Benhlima 17 years old, was awarded. She won the Intercultura-Euro Cosmetic scholarship abroad the last year. After her experience in China, Aischa will spend a full year in Mexico.

Euro Cosmetic Christmas 2016

Euro Cosmetic wishes a Merry Christmas to you all!

Euro Cosmetic financial growth

Grandi risultati per Euro Cosmetic che aumenta del 28,30% i propri ricavi sull’anno precedente. Gli importanti investimenti fatti sull’ampliamento della struttura e sulle risorse umane, hanno dato vita ad uno slancio di efficienza e organizzazione. La sinergia fra clienti e il reparto Ricerca e Sviluppo ha creato nuovi prodotti accrescendo la notorietà di Euro Cosmetic che ad oggi viene riconosciuto come un partner affidabile per consolidare il rapporto con la cliente e prestare un servizio di qualità.

Euro Cosmetic and Intercultura. A Scholarship for young students

La Fondazione Intercultura ed Euro Cosmetic consentiranno di vivere un’esperienza di studio all’estero per giovani talentuosi. Da oggi è possibile, grazie al contributo di una borsa di studio pari a € 2.500 messo a disposizione da Euro Cosmetic, partecipare ad un programma estivo della durata di quattro settimane che avrà come destinazione alcuni tra i paesi più prestigiosi e importanti del mondo come Argentina, Canada, Cina, Danimarca, Finlandia, Giappone, India, Irlanda, Russia, Spagna, Stati Uniti.

Brescia women’s soccer team sponsored by Euro Cosmetic

Euro Cosmetic scende in campo nelle vesti di Official Sponsor per il Brescia calcio femminile. La stagione sportiva 2015/16 vedrà il logo aziendale sulle maglie biancoblu delle giocatrici. Euro Cosmetic si occupa di cosmesi, benessere e bellezza e lo sport è una delle espressioni del benessere e dello spirito di squadra, due valori fondamentali che accomunano queste due prestigiose realtà. Il Sindaco di Brescia Del Bono ha conferito alla squadra un importante riconoscimento della Vittoria Alata a seguito dei numerosi successi conseguiti dalla squadra Lombarda negli ultimi anni. La società sportiva sta crescendo sempre più ed il numero di affiliati continua ad aumentare. Euro Cosmetic e lo sport, un team vincente!

High quality for Euro Cosmetic’s toothpastes products

Prodotto formulato e industrializzato da Euro Cosmetic.